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Saturday, April 12, 2003

It is 7:30am here in Bangkok, I'm back in Thailand after a 9 day trip back to the States. It was a tiring trip, and I didn't get everything accomplished that I would have liked, though I think I did pretty well considering my tight schedule. It is Thai New Year here in Thailand, and I slept through the first day of festivities. I am pretty much recovered from my sleep deprivation in the US and the 20 hour trip to return here (it was longer if you count the time at SFO and the time going through medical screenings and immigration and customs at BKK), but I woke up at 2am local time, so I'll probably need a few days to get adjusted to a normal sleep schedule.

My trip to the US included several days in the Mid-West, (Illinois, Missouri and Kansas) to visit family there. I got to see my uncle Mike, my cousin Beth, my brother Rob, his wife Beth and their kids (my neice and nephew) Steven and Sarah in the first 24 hours of the trip in Illinois and Missouri. I got to see a Cardinals game in St. Louis with Mike that went to the 13th inning the night I arrived at STL too. Saturday the 5th, after my Amtrak to Kansas City did not arrive due to a freight car derailment on the same route, I headed to the airport to catch a Southwest flight to see my aunt and uncle Cookie and Gordon, and my cousins Tommy and Christian. Saturday night I got to check out the fanatical post-game celebration with Tommy in Lawrence, Kansas after the Kansas University win that took them to the NCAA championship. His university likes to party, and they had a great excuse that night. I stuck around to see the game on Monday night against Syracuse, but unfortunately they will have to wait until next year to win the championship...aside from a stolen handset (that had all of my phone numbers), the whole trip went well and was a lot of fun.

I had planned on posting more today considering how long it has been since I have had time, but I have to fly to Chiangmai up North for the festivities there today and I have a few things to do here in Bangkok first. I'll be posting more soon...

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