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Thursday, September 30, 2004

RealClear "RCP Electoral Count": Bush 291, Kerry 200 (270 to win)

From Drudge:

Unbeknownst to Kerry adviser Mike McCurry, a C-SPAN camera quietly followed McCurry as he found Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart on Spin Alley floor and asked him his impression of the debate. Lockhart candidly said to McCurry , “The consensus is it was a draw.”
Sunday, September 26, 2004

frontline: the alternative fix | PBS

HELTER SWELTER: The Debate over Global Warming

Iraq is Not Vietnam, It's Guadalcanal
Friday, September 24, 2004

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson on the United Nations:
OpinionJournal - Featured Article
I saw VDH speak at UC Berkeley on US miliary imperialism earlier this year. He is a prolific writer, a military historian, a professor of classics, a farmer, and a great speaker.
Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers

Posing at the Adler Planetarium.

The Sears Tower as seen from the John Hancock Center.
Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fountain at University of Chicago.
Monday, September 20, 2004

News for China watchers- Hu Jintao: Now in control of China's army as well as the party and government. UCLA International Institute :: Jiang Zemin Steps Down --What Next for China?

I got back from Chicago late on Sunday...I've been busy. I'm taking the LSAT Saturday after next, and I have lots to do for my classes in over the next two weeks as well. I'll upload some photos when I get some time...
Friday, September 17, 2004

My sister, Wendy sent me this article:
Four Day War
It narrates a hypothetical chain of events that could occur if Israel tries to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal.

I'm in Chicago today. Nice city, great architecture. I've been taking lots of pictures. I visited University of Chicago this afternoon. It is my favorite campus so far, it is really fantastic. I look forward to uploading my photos when I get back.
Thursday, September 16, 2004

This one's for Kelly: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has been submitted for immortalization on a US postage stamp. I'll keep you posted on any developments.
Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dear Theodore,

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept the image you have submitted.

Because PhotoStamps are real postage they are held to a very high set of standards that includes rules regarding images of political, sexual, religious and similar subject matters (as well as copyrighted material) deemed to be inappropriate per our content guidelines.

PhotoStamps are an exciting new product, but please understand that there are limits to what we can feature on them.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you will come back to PhotoStamps soon and place another order. Rest assured, your credit card will not be charged for this order.

If you have any additional questions please visit our terms and conditions page at or feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.


The PhotoStamps Team

Yeah baby, gimme some communist lovin'!
Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Il.
I had planned put a bunch of these on a letter to a friend in China to see if it would make it through. Perhaps it is for the best (for him) that my order was rejected.
More info about photo stamps: September 5, 2004 post

From my mom:

"Subject: Politics - let's show our Solidarity as Americans...
There are less than three months until the election, an election that will
decide the next President of the United States. The man elected will be the president of ALL Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans.
To show our solidarity as Americans, let's all get together and show each other our support for the candidate of our choice. It's time that we all came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.
If you support the policies and character of Senator John Kerry, please drive with your headlights 'ON' during the day.
If you support G W Bush, please drive with your headlights 'OFF' at night."
Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Baba Ganoush plays with fellow clone, Tabouli (right). They were cloned from their mother, Tahini. Genetic Savings and Clone - the leading provider of pet gene banking and pet cloning services.
Monday, September 13, 2004

Here is a view of the Washington Monument from the west steps of the Capitol. That is the Grant Memorial in the foreground. Note the UFO on the left side. That is the Illuminati mother ship in Washington D.C. for a board meeting to plan the NFL results for the 2004-05 season and to return Dick Cheney to earth for a fund-raising event. I heard that they decided to let Detroit start off the season with their first road game win since 2000. Don't forget, you almost heard it hear first!

Another photo from my trip to DC on August 26. This is the west side of the Capitol.
Sunday, September 12, 2004

I went to see the Slippery People at the Tongue and Groove last night. A rockin' show as usual. This is an old flyer but it has some great slippery groupies on it. Lead singer Alex busted out some hot moves for the crowd. Lead guitarist Phil displayed cat-like agility by busting out karate moves on a rowdy clubber while doing a solo. As usual, Slippery percussionist John lived up to his deserved reputation as a youngish Phil Collins. a good time was had by all during their 10 song set.

Washington Monthly Feature:
"What If Bush Wins" by a panel of 16 experts
Friday, September 10, 2004

Recent K-1 fight at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Rick Roufus (David) vs. Taro Akebono (Goliath). Roufus won this fight.

This is a strange story. Paris police have discovered an elaborate underground restaurant and movie theater in a preciously uncharted cavern under the city:
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema
Thursday, September 09, 2004

Quote of the day:
"It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money."
-P.J. O'Rourke

Reuters News Article: "Iran Seen Using EU to Buy Time to Get Atomic Bomb"
Iran is close to having the bomb. The EU won't do anything, the US won't take action now either...will Israel try to stop them?

Freedom Tower specs.

1776 foot high Freedom Tower as it will look from the north.

The World Trade Center site of the future. Here is the original libeskind design and the revision produced through additional collaboration with architect David Childs. I like the second one better. Frontline has a new documentary about the whole story: frontline: sacred ground | PBS
Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Michelle Malkin was at UC Berkeley today to talk about her book:
In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror
Pretty good turn out for the protest. Very good turn out to hear her speak. I was there early and got in to line late, and I did not get in. The university would not give the Young Republicans a bigger room to host the talk. Many local stations showed up, C-SPAN was there taping too.

When I was getting in line an old Japanese man standing in line pointed out the protestors and asked: "are they trying to get in too?" Someone else in line said no, they were just here to protest. Old man: "Why? They weren't interned, I was." When they stopped letting people in he went to the Young Republican organizers and they let him and his wife in.

I was chatting with the guy right in front of me in line while we waited. The main organizer was coming out of a side door and spotted him, then told him to wait a moment. I turned to him and said, "dude, hook me up!" He asked to make sure I wasn't there to heckle or make trouble, I pointed out that I have short hair and I shave. He knew important people and he could get me in, he bragged. As soon as the other guy walked back over to us he asked the kid in front of me: "just you?"
"Come on in."
He didn't even turn to look back as he walked in the side door. Weasel.
I tried to talk my way in at the front, but the police were firm on not letting any more people in than they had seats in the room. 380 people I was told. I hung out outside and watched the C-SPAN feed as the protesters moved in to the building and finally up to the doors. A lot of taunting and provocation on the part of the protesters, mostly banging and chanting the whole time though.
I overheard this several times among the protesters: "so who is Michelle Malkin?"
"What did she write about?"
quote of the day: "what are we protesting?"
Good times.
Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A new season of Uncommon Knowledge has begun. Woohoo!
Uncommon Knowledge is a weekly discussion/debate on public policy issues hosted by Peter Robinson. All the episodes are available to watch online. It's filmed at Stanford and produced by the Hoover Institution.
Monday, September 06, 2004

I took a trip to NYC and DC right before the fall semester began. Here is a photo from that trip that I am using as my desktop background right now. I call it "5 strangers and my index finger at the Supreme Court."
Sunday, September 05, 2004

Would you like to have your face on a US stamp? You no longer need to be famous and dead to get licked and mailed: - Stamps of individuality push the envelope

When Hornets Attack
30 hornets go to war with 30,000 honey bees. High quality production with impressive camera work. Interesting and bizarre.


Interesting take on France's political positioning.

Editorial by Jim Hoagland: Divide And Confuse (

"Defending an exposed France, rather than ruthless domination of Europe, is what is on Chirac's mind.

That may not make him right in his choice of tactics or even strategy. But it does make his policies much more than spite or vain ambition. For one thing, it makes them understandable."

Many have suspected that John Kerry's war position(s) are politically motivated and insincere. New photographic evidence is leading some to also question the sincerity of President George Bush's opposition to gay marriage...developing...

Real. American. Hero.

(This message brought to you by the Anybody But Bush 527 coalition.)

Greek pottery from the UCB Museum of Anthropology.

This US Tax Court summary opinion on a professor/playwrite that went a little wild with his deductions is pretty funny. Here is the epilogue:

Dramatists used to finish with some rhymes,
Mostly iambs with a pinch of dactyly,
But in these more prosaic times
Works usually end more matter-of-factily.

In our Court, though, the oldest ways seem somehow to survive--
A decision will be entered
under Rule 155.

This is a great editorial by Debra Saunders from the SF Chronicle: Deserving victory
Very insightful.

Blog entry by "Article III Groupie," a self-proclaimed federal judicial starf***er. What's in, what's out, and what's like, totally five minutes ago:
Underneath Their Robes: Robing Room Report: Federal Judicial Trendspotting

I went to UCB Museum of Anthropology today to check out some of the Greek pottery from the Phoebe Hearst collection. I took some photos and notes. On the way back I bought books for my classes today at the campus book store. This is by far the most books I have had to get for any semester yet. Western Civ requires 12 books, I think my political theory class requires 8 books, and I think it is 6 books for Chinese political science…I just realized that I forgot to pick up the text for Psych C126. I got two “wows” from my cashier and one “wow” from the cashier standing next to her when I set my books on the check-out counter, so I guess my reading load is above average. The prices were about average for text books and that sure added up. As I walked home none of the panhandlers on Telegraph asked me for money. I guess they noticed my bulging campus bookstore bags, they were hard to miss.
Saturday, September 04, 2004

The final dispatch by UC Berkeley student Connie Wu from her student journal on dispute resolution in China:

China Dispatch 6: Student Journal 2004

More about Connie's project

Does this web ad make you want to start smoking? Although there are health risks there are benefits to smoking too. You can win free hi-tech home entertainment stuff and look cool like the hot blonde in the picture!

I'm watching Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin presidential race polls closely. I think those are the battleground states where the presidency will be won this election.

Great photo from what blogger Wonkette calls the "traditional campaign baby-eating contest."

I can't go a day without checking DRUDGE REPORT either.

I am a news junky. I found that Google News is a good place to get my fix.

It's been 17 months since I used this blog...I think I had done a grand total of 27 entires when I did use it. Yay. I stayed overseas, I kept travelling, a lot of things happened in my life. So much of what was happening in my life felt so personal. I was self-censoring when I was blogging and I was not really doing what I had planned to do with my blog.

Anyhow, I was surfing some blogs and I found my own again. I've been thinking about starting to add entries again recently since I journal so much for myself anyway.

I went back and read some of my old entries...Even when I wrote the entries I knew I would cringe some day, I did not realize it would be so soon. I guess many people are like that. I don't like reading my thoughts that are any more than a few weeks/days/hours old. Even after a day I can be pretty critical. Not a good habit I suppose. In any case, I noticed that much of what I wanted to blog about was political. That is what I was passionate about, (and I still am), and I think I will be using my blog to keep track of some of what is going on in my world and what interests me. I'm not going to try to keep this blog up to date with my life, (who gives sh*t anyway, right?) I am going to put what ever I feel like throwing up here...

It's not everything, it's just something.

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