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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Argh...I just lost a long post due to a computer error. grrrr...
Anyway, the gist was:
I've been exploring Taipei today, not a bad place overall. But, it is overcrowded, it has terrible traffic, nothing extraordinary compared to other cities of similar size, it is way too expensive, and the people are less friendly than in mainland China or anywhere else I have been. (Except for Hong Kong perhaps). I'll check out the major tourist sites and take care of some travel and visa arrangements on Monday then I'll bolt for some other spots in/around Taiwan. I have a new SIM card for my GSM phone for Taiwan, so I can be reached at 0916619745 for the next 10 days or so...

I've been surfing the net for a couple hours, here are some interesting articles for those who would like to check them out:

A fascinating Washington Post article about the new leadership of the PRC. I'm reading a book right now called China's New Rulers that covers much of what is discussed in the article. (I'm also working on Six Days of War, great book).

While thousands protest against the liberation of the Iraqi people from the barbarous Saddam regime, it is interesting that there are no anti-war/anti-US protests going on in Iraq...instead they are beginning to resist the Saddam regime now that there is hope of liberation. I predict we will soon see Iraqis celebrating in the streets and welcoming the US troops. (UK Telegraph)

Press coverage of the war will be impressive. (Fox News)

Well, I'm off to work out my digital image uploading. I should have pics up here soon.

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