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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I just got back from returning a faulty product I purchased here in Taipei to discover that the war has begun.
May God bless America and protect our troops.

After listening to the Bush ultimatum speech about 48 hours ago I checked in to a new hotel where I could have high-speed net access. I will be checking out in about 2 hours to go to Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong). It is the second largest city in Taiwan and is geographically located in the Souther part of the island. It is the 4th largest port in the world and the nightlife is pretty good I have heard. I will be flying from Songshan domestic airport here in Taipei to Kaohsiung to save time, I don't want to miss the beginning of Iraq's liberation.

As I type this post right now, President Bush is addressing the nation live regarding the start of the war, and I am watching it on CNN...
If this first missle strike nailed Saddam then I am going to throw a party.

I will be going to Mazu (Matsu/Magong/Quemoy) by boat across the Taiwan Straits from Kaohsiung. Once I return to Kaohsiung I will be returning to Thailand on the 29th.

My good friend KC has told me about some GPS problems he has had in Washington and California. The GPS sattellites are controlled by the US military, and my guess is that they have decreased civil use accuracy of the GPS sattellites as a part of the preparations for possible terrorist attacks. I haven't seen any reporting on this, and I thought it was an interesting point...

I have begun adding photo albums online to on the recommendation of the same person who recommended this site for blogging. Snapfish is a fabulous service and I have been very pleased with it....but, there is one major drawback, to view the photos I have to send an e-mail to the person who wants to check them out then that person has to choose a username and password. (I can't just link directly to the photos). Right now I have pics from Ayutthaya and Taipei's National Palace Museum. I'll be adding more soon. If you want to check them out then e-mail me at and I'll send you the access e-mail. I have more videos than pics, though I haven't decided how to host those yet...


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