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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I was planning to go to Southern China after I came back to Thailand, but now that the secretive PRC government has released its info on SARS deaths I am going to have to monitor the situation and decide whether it is worth the risk. I would be going to Guangdong Province, the location of almost all of the cases of SARS that are currently being reported. I am trying to find out what cities have been effected, but I know of cases in Guangzhou (capital of Guangdong), which is where I would have to fly in to...I flew China Air back to Thailand yesterday, and was certainly thrilled to find out that it is suspected that some of the SARS victims were infected on China Air is a report from Health Scout News.

I made it back to Monkey Mountain in Kaohsiung again on Tuesday before I left Taiwan. I got there pretty late, so most of the monkeys had already gone up in to the forrest/jungle away from the humans for some rest. I did sit down and hand fed peanuts to one of the smaller Monkey Kings as well as a pregnant monkey from his family...there was a male baby monkey that stuck around for a while to snack as well. As I descended the mountain I ran in to a group of pretty aggressive medium sized male monkeys, I fed them a bit, but the situation started to seem a little dangerous and I left soon after. This time I got some awesome pictures, I will upload them as soon as I can get access through my laptop, I haven't found an internet cafe here in Thailand that will let me jack in to their DSL directly, I'll keep trying though. I had a great time in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and I have made some good friends there. I had a chance to say goodbye to everyone on Tuesday before I left on Wednesday afternoon.

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