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Saturday, March 22, 2003

I'll post about what's going on here in Kaohsiung with me soon...everything here is going extremely well, though.

I woke up and checked the news to discover a few things that I want to post first...

Apparently an Arab US soldier in the Army's 101st carried out a terrorist attack on his own camp. Here is the latest report I have seen (Sky News).

I am shocked and saddened by this terrorist attack, and I fear what it will do to the morale of US military units with soldiers of Arab descent or identitify themselves as Muslim. Since this campaign has begun this has been the most sickenning news I have heard.

An Al-Qaeda attack in Kurdish cotrolled Northern Iraqi territory has killed several people including an Australian cameraman. Here is the latest report I have seen (UK Telegraph).

Saddam may be dead, (CIA reportedly are calling it 50/50) and his son Uday is believed to be dead. Here is one of the reports from which I recieved this info, though a short registration process may be required to view it (UK Telegraph as well).

I am watching the situation in the Kurdish controlled areas in the North very closely through internet news reports and analysis. I think this complex situation that involve Kurds, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and the US could is extremely dangerous and extremely important to the entire region, beyond the borders of Iraq.

More later, I need to get some food.

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