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Thursday, March 13, 2003

I'm here in Bangkok now. I decided to get a nice place here and live it up for a couple days in Bangkok, so I am typing here in my net access room at the Grand Hyatt...all the Western amenities (though for Western prices). Outside my window I am looking out at part of Bangkok, including the "Watergate Hotel." You can buy almost anything on the street here in Bangkok and everywhere else that I have been thus far in Thailand (i.e, switchblades, butterfly knives, axes, gun replicas that fire pellets, bootleg PS2 games, bootleg Xbox games, bootleg DVDS, etc.) A street vendor threw in a pair of hanfcuffs that I was playing with, along with the large number of PS2 games I bought for $2 a piece. (I obviously paid too much.) So night before last on the way back to the hotel I tried them on during the taxi ride back to the hotel. The problem was that neither I nor Golf nor the taxi driver could figure out how to unlock them...I strolled in to the palacial lobby of the Grand Hyatt Erewan at around 11:30pm trying to look as casual as possible while I cupped a Slurpee I picked up at 7-11 in my cuffed hands. I was of course, intercepted by security at the elevators. After my residency at the hotel was established the security staff was quite helpful in getting the handcuffs removed. They really were very nice about the whole thing.
More later, I'm starving for some food...

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