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Friday, March 21, 2003

Last night in Kaohsiung (Thursday night)-
No Europeans wanted to chat last night, they seemed cautiously polite.
The Taiwanese men and women were extremely friendly and chatty...the war was barely mentioned though. I played pool at the "Montana Pub" with an ethnicly Chinese Singaporean businessman and after a long pub crawl I had had a great time.

As I slept last night CNN was on in the background. I had a dream about my maternal grandmother, Helen Mann("Grandma Baba"). She and I were never very close...I don't think of her often, and when I do think of her I regret not having known her better. In this dream she and I were staying in a bright White, small two bedroom house. Everything was bright white...the beds, the walls, the furniture; it was simple and beautiful. I can't remember what I saw out there, but the backyard was gorgeous. It gave me the same sense as my backyard in my former home in Davis...outside the house there was a city that looked perhaps like Miami or Ft. Lauderdale but with perfect weather (not humid).
For some reason, my grandmother was looking after me (as though I was sick or something). I had a sense of complete happiness. In the dream, much of the time I was watching war coverage on TV regarding protesters (CNN was on all night as I slept and I remember some details of coverage). I was sitting on a white couch in a sitting room that looked out on the back yard through a sliding glass door. She wasn't interested, I was very interested. At one point the TV was turned up loudly, and she simply slid close a sliding panel door that seperated her room and the front of the small house from my bedroom and the sitting room. I remember in the dream that I spoke with my grandmother, though I can't remember what we talked about.

This dream was significant to me in several ways. I don't think of Grandma Baba often, but my dream about living with her was long and I remember it clearly. Was this place Heaven or the "afterlife" of the good people of this world? I'm not sure I've earned a place there...I know she did...I miss her. My sense is that she was letting me know that she is watching over me...I am not religious though I am spiritiual...I don't pray often though I did pray every time I got on a 900cc motorcycle in Thailand or placed myself in a dangerous situation in the past few years. I have heard some very sad news in the last two days, some that effect my life very directly and some news that effects me indirectly. I hope this dream meant she is watching over me.

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