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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I went to see the Slippery People at the Tongue and Groove last night. A rockin' show as usual. This is an old flyer but it has some great slippery groupies on it. Lead singer Alex busted out some hot moves for the crowd. Lead guitarist Phil displayed cat-like agility by busting out karate moves on a rowdy clubber while doing a solo. As usual, Slippery percussionist John lived up to his deserved reputation as a youngish Phil Collins. a good time was had by all during their 10 song set.
Greetings from Tokyo,

Sounds like you`re still finding time to enjoy the arts. Looks like I may be here until mid-October. Its ironic, the worst beauracracy in Japan is the US Embassy. On the brighter side, my Japanese should improve if I have to stay.

Regards to Mme Mao and her comrades-in-arms in Berkeley,
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Eric, what are you doing in Tokyo now?

This is Kelly from Berkeley by the way. The Singaporean one.
Hey Kelly,
Im applying for a green card for my wife. Its really a great country. Everything works well, its clean, people are friendly, and its got great sushi, naturally.
i heard youre back home, working for the bank?
oh yes, congratulations on your wedding!

Why do you need to go to japan to apply for a green card in (I assume) the US??

Yep yep, back in Singapore, working for a local bank called United Overseas Bank. Am loving being back in Singapore very very much. Send me a hollar if you happen to visit. This place rocks!
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