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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Interesting take on France's political positioning.

Editorial by Jim Hoagland: Divide And Confuse (

"Defending an exposed France, rather than ruthless domination of Europe, is what is on Chirac's mind.

That may not make him right in his choice of tactics or even strategy. But it does make his policies much more than spite or vain ambition. For one thing, it makes them understandable."
Hello Teddy. I stopped checking your blog since you never updated it...and I clicked on a link from my blog comment box and damn! you are making up for lost time!
When are you coming to visit me in Singapore?
Sorry no comments (yet) on your posts on US politics. My attention has been taken by local politics in Singapore...yes, we are actually beginning to have Politics!
Hey Kelly-

I'm going to travel over winter break and next summer before law school. I haven't decided where I will go yet though. Next time I cross the Pacific I will definitely be seeing you in Singapore. I have read some of your stuff on Singapore...a 3.5 hour speech? Do people really watch those in Singapore? People here are often cynical and don't follow the political process because there are only two viable candidates for most elections. I can't imagine people in the US being engaged if there were only ever one viable candidate.
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