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Monday, November 08, 2004

Charles Krauthammer: Chapter two:
"Reagan and Clinton, on the other hand, left office popular, which to me is a great failing. They retired rich in political capital. What a waste.

Bush will not waste his. As he said explicitly in his Thursday news conference, ``I earned capital on the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it.'' After all, in his first term, with his political career at stake, he undertook Iraq, something no one asked him to do and that promised only terrible political risk. He knew that he was wagering his presidency, but did it nonetheless because he thought it necessary for the safety of the nation."
I agree that the President has capital and should use it. With that being said, he needs to use it wisely. I am concerned more with getting the proper judges on the Supreme Court than having Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice. If he appoints judges that uphold the Constitution, whether it be on the federal bench, appeals court, or high court, much of this unlegislated social engineering would be a moot point anyway.
The tax cuts should be made permanent!!!!!This probably will happen soon. Social Security will look different as will Medicare. Otherwise, it will cease to exist.
The bottom line: Use your political capital Mr. President, but use it wisely.
I think he can do better than making tax cuts permanent, I am crossing my fingers for a modified flat tax. Social Security could be completely changed in the next few years as well. We may bite the bullet and pay the expense of converting to a complete private savings account system. No more SS after the baby boom generation. The judiciary is one of the most important issues to me and I think that we can count on a generation of conservative judges as a dividend of this election.

President Bush has been bold in foreign policy, I hope he will be as bold with domestic policy.

BTW, Krauthammer is a fairly influential neo-con intellectual. Good reading.
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