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Thursday, November 11, 2004

"With 55 Republican Senators and the ghost of Tom Daschle echoing in the Senate chamber, President Bush is going to seriously reshape the third branch of our government. While the press may reduce this to being all about abortion, in reality abortion and Roe vs. Wade will only be a very small part of what the Supreme Court is going to have the final say over in the next 30 years. And liberals know that it is not just the three or four appointments to the High Court, but the dozens, even hundreds of lifetime appointments to the entire Federal bench that will lock in conservative jurisprudence for an entire generation. "
This is a great point. Abortion seems to be the red herring in all of this, but when you look at other conservative issues,(God, traditional marriage, the 2nd amendment etc.) the President has a great opportunity to firmly implant conservative ideals for many years to come. Ask any law enforcement folks about the Carter appointed judges and you will see how important this role is to America.
Absolutely. Judicial appointments are the gifts that keep on giving.

I have more to say about abortion, but this comment got so long that I decided to post it instead...
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