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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

William F. Buckley Jr. on George W. Bush's Reelection on National Review Online:
"Bulletin #2 came under extraordinary auspices. A phone call from someone I love just after the woman who bore him. A master of the universe in the political-journalistic world, he had a working guest in house whence he would report on the elections. At 6 o'clock in the evening of Election Day a call came in from his newspaper's equivalent of the CIA Board of Estimate.

That communique was delivered in a single word: 'Kerry.'

So the guests filed in and, in my new role as soothsayer, I informed them, in humbled tones, but no less solemn, 'It will be Kerry.'

Fiat Bush."
I really respect Mr. Buckley, but I can never understand a thing he says.
Yeah, it must have taken a lot of effort for him to hold on to that accent after all this time, especially that thick. Back when he hosted Firing Line on PBS I sometimes wished they had subtitles.
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