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Friday, January 07, 2005

Kelly and Patrick visiting my former home, Ayutthaya.
..:: Kellog ::..

HIV testing in Singapore:
Mandatory for moms and marriage?

Cal Alum Kellykelly wants to set things straight in the Singapore state, "Educate, don't Mandate!" ...before it's too late?
I'm sure the Singaporean government has good intentions with these sort of mandates, but the implications for personal liberty are troubling. I wonder what the penalty would be for a mother that did not comply...

actually i think a mom can opt out of the testing. They just automatically include it as one of the list of tests i guess pregnant women must take, and a woman can choose not to take it.

The problem is that "if the rate of women who opt out of testing and the number of infants born with HIV in Singapore are both high, the ministry would consider implementing compulsory HIV testing for all pregnant women".

Main point: the govt has NO qualms whatsoever making it compulsory if they deem it "good" for the society in general.

*sigh*. after being in thailand for a couple of times, i can see how people just disappear for a year or so.
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