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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
  Meeting of moviemaking minds

A colorful guy on the left and a religious guy on the right make nice. (Max Rossi)

"I saw the film, I liked it. I, you know. I feel a kind of strange kinship with Michael."
-Mel Gibson commenting on Fahrenheit 9/11

"I saw it twice, it was a powerful piece of filmmaking. I took my father to see it."
-Michael Moore commenting on the Passion of the Christ

Crooks and liars has the video posted:
Mel Gibson and Michael Moore

This is a little bit too perfect. I bet the two of them got together backstage at the People's Choice Awards and planned this:

Mike: "Hey Mel! Have you noticed how journalists just can't stop contrasting Fahrenheit and Passion? Wanna really freak everybody out and get a whole bunch more attention for our films?"

Mel: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Mike: "No. I think we should talk about how much we love each others films!"

Mel: "Uh...OK. I'll say Fahrenheit 911 was better than Cats."

Mike: "No, no. That would be too obvious."

Mel: "Yeah, I'm going to have a hard enough time keeping a straight face."

Mike: "Just compliment my film and talk about our special kinship. I'll say that I saw the Passion a bunch of times. I think I can sell that, just tell me how it ends."

Perhaps they may decide to collaborate on a documentary sometime in the future. It is actually not so hard to imagine...
United Press International: Michael Moore plans Bush-bin Laden film (3/28/2003):"Variety reported that Moore is working out a deal with Mel Gibson's production company, Icon Productions, to finance 'Fahrenheit 911.'"
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