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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  Year of the...


Happy Chinese New Year!

Google search tip of the day: Doing an image search on Google for "Year of the Cock" will return unintended results.

I think the Beijing vendor in the picture above is selling a great hat. I would love to have one of those. I have been wearing birds for years...

I didn't forget to fill in the thought bubble by the way, that is a Buddhist rooster. He is sublimely engaged in a meditation on nothingness.

I have been way ahead of the curve on that fashion apparently, though I certainly was not the first person to incorporate avian accents into my headgear...

image source

President Bush is not risk averse when it comes to trying fashions coming out of Asia...

image source

Who knows, maybe he will try out one of those Chinese chicken caps next time he goes overseas. It would certainly lighten the mood, and good vibes could mean good relations. doesn't like Chinese characters (click here to send a complaint) so I will wish the whole world in Romanized Chinese: GONG XI FA CAI!


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