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Monday, May 16, 2005
  Cats Fly on China TV

Chinese TV show's cat slinging act draws fire from pet lovers - Yahoo! News:
"BEIJING (AFP) - A Chinese television channel was reportedly forced to apologize after receiving complaints from pet lovers about a programme in which a cat was thrown out of a four-storey building.

The Travel Channel broadcast a feature on May 4 showing how a cat can safely survive even when dropped from great height, Beijing Times said.

In the programme, a white cat was dropped from a four-storey building while a narrator said: 'Miao Miao (the cat) quickly turns around, adjusts its four limbs, straightens its tail and goes down.

'Let's look at how it's doing ... it is okay!'

Angry pet lovers posted petitions on several websites and lodged complaints with the state broadcasting authorities and the television channel, saying the act could cause bone fractures or damage the animal's internal organs.

The Travel Channel apologised and promised it would not repeat the experiment, the report said.

During the heyday of communist ethics, China banned pets as frivolous and bourgeois but pet ownership has become a new vogue among the country's newly rich amid its robust market economic reforms."

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