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Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Hu's Visit Bigger For China Than U.S. - CBS News

Hu's Visit Bigger For China Than U.S. - CBS News: "The 21-gun salute China?s President Hu Jintao receives on the South Lawn of the White House this week is likely to appear a lot more impressive in Beijing than it will in Washington. The fact that there will be no state dinner honoring Hu will be downplayed, while what the White House calls a 'social' lunch with President Bush and the all-important symbolism of the 21-gun salute and reception with full military honors will be front and center as reports of the trip are relayed back to China.

The visit is not quite as important for President Bush, says former National Security Council official and University of Michigan China scholar Ken Lieberthal. 'The visit of a Chinese leader is rarely a triumph' for American presidents, Lieberthal said in a telephone interview. For one thing, Mr. Bush is at odds with fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill about how hard to push the Chinese leader on trade issues. Among many topics on the agenda between the two leaders, the lack of human rights and religious freedom in China ? which Mr. Bush will raise during their talks ? almost always take a back seat to the trade and security-related aspects of the relationship. "

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