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Thursday, April 06, 2006 :: [Independent] Rise of Chinese whizzkid ends in lethal injection

Fascinating...but could the transfer (bribe) to save her husband have really been 3.5 BILLION brittish pounds? They must mean millions... :: [Independent] Rise of Chinese whizzkid ends in lethal injection: "Yuan Baojing's remarkable rise from rural poverty to the head of a multi-billion-pound investment group ended with a lethal injection. The stock market whizzkid has been executed for hiring his brother and cousins to murder a policeman turned hitman turned blackmailer.
It's New China's Scarface and Goodfellas, with a dash of Wall Street thrown in, and the 40-year-old tycoon's case has gripped the country's attention.

Yuan Baojing, his brother, Yuan Baoqi, and his cousin, Yuan Baosen, were executed on Friday after a trial in Liaoyang city, Liaoning province. Another cousin, Yuan Baofu, was also sentenced to death, but the sentence was suspended for two years, which means that, with good behaviour, he may yet escape death.

Even Yuan Baojing's sentence was in some doubt. Right up to the last minute, many feared that he would escape with his life. His wife, Zhuo Ma, a famous Tibetan dancer and professor at Beijing's Central University for Nationalities, insisted he had been wrongfully convicted, claiming inconsistencies in the way evidence was handled.
A day before he was to be executed in October, she transferred ownership of shares in an Indonesian oilfield, worth (Brittish Pounds) 3.5bn, to the government. That won a stay of execution - amid many public grumbles - until last week."

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