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Saturday, October 02, 2004

I took the Law School Admission Test today. I feel cautiously optimistic about how I did. Now I get to wait for 3 weeks to find out my score. Now I also get to focus more on my classes too. I have been putting off anything that I could put off in order to spend more time preparing for the test. Monday morning at 9am I have a mid-term in psychology 126. I missed the lecture and my discussion section for the class last Monday; Wednesday morning Professor Prinzmetal reminded us to bring a scantron for the mid-term next Monday. "Uh...mid-term?" I'm glad I am taking this class pass/no pass. Monday I also have to turn in a take home mid-term for Chinese political science for Professor Dittmer. 1500 word essay on the relationship between imperial collapse, the revolution, and Chinese cultural transformation. Along with an 8-12 page on Marsilius of Padua and Martin Luther for my political theory class, as well as the final draft of a 7 page essay for Western Civ on The Iliad and the epic of Gilgamesh, I have a lot to do before I can start working on law school applications. I guess I better turn off NPR and get back to work...
"1500 word essay on the relationship between imperial collapse, the revolution, and Chinese cultural transformation."

oooooooo....I almost miss doing stuff like that. For now, I'll have to turn my analytical eye to numbers and ratios instead....
oh and good luck on your LSAT! Am sure you'd do fah-ine.
The essay on China wasn't too bad, I turned it in today. Maybe I will miss this stuff when I am finished, it is hard to imagine though. The grass is always greener I guess...8-12 pages on Martin Luther and Marsilius is kind of painful for me.
"You have the kingdom of heaven; therefore leave the kingdom of earth to anyone who will have it." - Luther
How and why does Luther advance this claim? How and why would Marsilius have disagreed?
The reading was interesting, but I would like to have a little time to relax before punching out the essay.
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